Kambo Testimonials

Some positive words from those who have experienced the healing power of Kambo

Positive words

“Healthier, stronger person, with less cravings.”

I have been to Susan a few times now for Kambo sessions and all I can say her approach and passion to serving Kambo is second to none. Every time I have been I have come away a much healthier and stronger person. The last time I had Kambo I went that deep into the liver cleansing process I actually changed color, I lost the yellow of my skin. I looked more vibrant and alive. All my cravings and bad habits have stopped, completely. I would recommend Susan to anyone.

Also, I would like to say I have never known someone with as much knowledge on natural healing as Susan.  There are problems that I have tried to cure myself with and failed, and Susan has hit the nail on the head every time to correct these.

Thank you for your support and I will be seeing you soon no doubt!


“Treated Eczema and Food Allergies”

I came across Kambo by coincidence and had to google what this ceremony is all about. When I saw the first video from Amazonia, it instantly put me off, thinking, this is definitely not for me. However, by digging deeper, learning and gaining more understanding I quickly changed my mind and couldn’t wait for my first KAMBO Kiss.

I have an autoimmune disease,  atopic eczema, alongside with few food allergies. My condition can get very extreme, painful, and uncomfortable, preventing me from living my life to the fullest. The ceremony, led by Susan, was an incredibly interesting experience for me! She is very professional, educated in many areas of alternative medicine, empathic and beautiful being. I felt safe.

Literally a few hours after the Kambo ceremony I saw my red inflamed patches fade away and within the next few days, it was almost invisible.

Soon after that, I followed with a second and third Kambo Kiss,  and each session was completely different and a unique experience. Unforgettable! Kambo is now part of me.

It works on many different levels, which I’m sure you would be able to find out for yourselves.

Viva la Kambo Everyone!


“During the 3 day mini-kambo dieta I asked for the return of my menstrual cycle … “

I stayed with Susan for three days and did a mini dieta and three Kambo sessions. Susan’s Feminine and grounding presence and the way she held space during my ceremonies was so calming and more gentle unlike other more masculine ceremonies I have had before.

Susan made sure I was well looked after during my stay made me delicious food and taught me a lot about nutrition and different healings in the three days I was there.

My intention for the second ceremony of Kambo was to bring on my menstrual cycle after being on contraception and not having one for 9 years. The next day my period started.

I found the Kambo gave me mental clarity on issues that had been weighing me down I feel lighter and full of energy and my skin is glowing. My friends have even commented on the change before and after I went to stay with Susan and had the Kambo

Thank you Susan I feel like a new Woman

“Brought clarity & mental realignment”

Susan’s Kambo treatment experience really helped to clarify and refocus my mind. I went just at the right time as I was about to start a highly demanding new job as a copywriter and needed good mental realignment to rebalance my system. In addition to the Chaga Mushroom tea/ coffee which I regularly drink as an antioxidant, the Kambo massively helped me in setting my focus straight. Kambo purged my liver of the unsettling and unwanted toxins, which had built up from consuming too much processed sugar in my diet. Afterward I felt lighter and more refreshed similarly to how a good spa or sports massage has made me feel in the past.

Worth every penny! Thanks Susan


“Lost 3Kg  and feeling a positive shift in my perspective”

Thank you for your inspiring energy and setting me on the path with liver cleansing and detoxing. I feel re-energized after our week on the SoulBodyDetox retreat in Portugal and lost 3KG in the process. The Kambo session left me feeling very grounded with a positive shift in my perspective. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in their own health and happiness


“Feeling safe and strong-willed “

I went to a Kambo session with Susan and I felt very secure. I have in the past had a session where I passed out, but with Susan’s technique, this never happened. She took it very slowly and my body had a chance to adapt to the Kambo.  I released a lot.

After the session, I could really feel changes within. Yesterday was the first time I said no to crap food. Today I bought my morning coffee but a black one because I couldn’t stand the thought of feeling bloated by the nut milk. It’s amazing. And tomorrow, I’ve decided that I’m not going to sacrifice my free morning, for my client. I feel strong. Thank you

“Kambo Dieta and SoulBodyDetox liver gallbladder cleanse with weight loss and increased energy  and releasing long standing painful emotional block”

I came to stay with Susan for the kambo dieta.
I had some knowledge of kambo as I had done it once before 2years previous.
I felt totally at ease with Susan.
My first session was mentally challenging for me as I was looking back and felt a fear to push through my past energetic emotional blocks .kambo took me back 21 years right to my last pregnancy and morning sickness. I had a rough 3rd pregnancy .
The following day of kambo I knew exactly where this was going. It brought me to my knees and took me to the morning sickness during my pregnancy
I’m not going to lie it was rough , I had felt an emotional block in my heart
I travelled home that day and that same week I completed SoulBodyDetox liver and gallbladder cleanse
Once home 4 days later I started  the SoulBodyDetox liver and gallbladder cleanse.
For this I followed Susan’s protocol . On day 3 I started going toilet a lot so had to stay indoors. The final day, well, wow ! From the niacin tablet at 8pm I knew everything was working, I was in regular contact with Susan throughout this process. The final oil taking at 10pm I knew there was no going back . Lied down on my right side as advised wasn’t sure how I felt must of dozed off and woke around midnight.
With the feeling of kambo rising in me all over again !
I headed to the bathroom to purge bile deep from my liver again it felt like I was taken right back to severe morning sickness. I also was emptying my bowels. it was intense. it felt like kambo all over again ! I was sweating profoundly this all lasted about 25 mins, I was so thankful once it all subsided. I took myself to bed and if I’m honest, I was shocked
I woke the next morning and felt thin and frail and weak not in a bad way I just knew so many toxins had left me it was a very empty feeling .

I had a cloninc booked that day to remove any final debris. Believe it or not there was more to come , a lot of candida
The following day I got weighed. I was 11 stone 4 for years and only can ever get down to 11 stone .
I was now weighing 10 stone 5 !! Now I havnt been that for 10 years. But that’s really all been toxins in my colon as now I feel light inside and I know the cleanse reached deep into my body.

I’m lean and my fitness levels are fantastic, I have come away with so much knowledge from Susan regards foods and nutrition and she is only ever a phone call away I’m so glad I came to stay for kambo and I really look forward to next year too ! VIVA LA KAMBO


“Letting go of sugar “

It was my first ever Kambo session and I felt safe and comfortable. The session flowed ever so smoothly. I felt an instant release after Kambo. The next day I woke up and felt amazing and light and energized. I asked Kambo for trauma release, it did exactly that.
Also, I’ve gone off sugar in my tea. I can’t take sugar anymore. My taste buds have changed over 24 hours!
Can’t wait for the Kambo. Thank you so much Susan xxx

“No more chronic anxiety”

Before I had my first Kambo session with Susan I had been very cynical of Amazonian medicines in general. However, because my immune system was so compromised by a terrible flu infection I decided to try out Kambo.

I was absolutely blown away by the treatment. Susan held the space so beautifully all the way through. I didn’t know that my body had seemingly been screaming out for exactly this kind of help.

My intention was to improve my immune system, help process emotional trauma and assist me with unhealthy food addictions. The results were better than I had expected, as not only did I feel amazing, serene and strong afterward, it completely cleared the crippling daily anxiety that I had been suffering from for months. This serene feeling is something I have managed to hold on to months later, and now as I head towards my winter top up ceremony, I feel confident, excited and grateful to have this connection with the sacred tree frog and Susan. I cannot recommend it enough.

“So much energy”

 I was in Glastonbury with Susan doing Kambo one to one and I can honestly say this woman is unreal. I have had this 3 times with Susan and this was the best. Susan has been in the Amazon forest learning with the shamans and practices what she preaches.

Since I left on Friday I have had that much energy and clear focus it is amazing.

People wonder and ask why I have so much energy and it’s because I do things like this and keep on top of it .

This medicine is great for all different kind of conditions , I like to do it for detox and clarity and what happened 5 minutes after was incredible

“Best decision I have ever made “

Firstly Susan Laing is such a wonderful woman! She made me and my girlfriend Emma very welcome from the moment we met.
It was my first time doing kambo, I was unsure what to expect but within a short space of time I knew I was in safe hands.
Susan was very caring, precise, and professional, and knew exactly the right thing to do at the right time
Also Susan has a WEALTH of knowledge about health, different foods types our bodies and much more…
She is a pleasure to be around we initially booked one session each, she was that good straight after we booked for the next day!
It was one of my best decisions I’ve made.
We are both going on her retreat next year. If you are reading this and thinking about meeting kambo JUST DO IT! We both feel AMAZING
Thank you Susan
Viva la Kambo

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