Kambo Ceremony/Retreat Prices

1-1 Kambo sessions

Kambo Ceremony

All the Kambo sticks are sourced from non-farmed Kambo frogs! This means there is no cruelty involved and the sticks are more expensive. When the sticks are sourced from stressed farm frogs this energy is transferred to the person.

The initial Kambo method usually involves the gentle gradual build up, and then, eventually, the traditional method can be utilized after the Kambo tolerance has been experienced.  The gradual build-up method takes longer. This prevents any unwanted negative reactions. Sometimes the approach of applying Kambo is ‘less is more‘. You can learn more on the treatment page of what is involved during the treatment.

Please read the Kambo contra-indication and preparation pages.

After this we can connect by phone for a small introductory talk and we can arrange the Kambo session in your home or elsewhere.

Kambo Ceremony Prices

1st time 1-2-1 Kambo. This also includes Rape’ and Sananga (optional) – £75

Follow up 1-2-1 sessions are £65

Kambo 1-2-1 for couples Kambo, Includes Rape’ and Sananga (optional) – £75 each 1st time and £65 each follow-up.

 Residential 3-5 day mini  dieta in the heart of Glastonbury. You will be able to come for 3-4 days of daily back to back Kambo. This package will include healthy suitable food, your own comfortable and peaceful sleeping space where you can meditate and rest, and go inwards to connect to yourself and the spirit of the frog. This space is held right in the heart of Glastonbury. It will also include as options Sananga and Rape’.
The cost is £150 per day

For 1 to 1 non-residemtial Kambo – If the distance is far from Glastonbury, there will be an added cost for petrol


Options for deeper cleansing after Kambo


During the residential mini kambo dieta you can have the option of adding an iridology session, nutritional healing and naturopathy. £45  Click here for more information

If you wish to go deeper after Kambo residential mini dieta you can also consider practicing a liver cleanse. Susan also offers naturopathic cleansing kits and guidance of the colon, liver/gallbladder, and kidneys with cellular rejuvenation and nourishment.  SoulBodyDetox natural 100% organic cleansing herbs to help bring back body homeostasis and harmony.  Click here for more information

You can read more about this at  SoulBodyDetox https://soulbodydetox.com/detox-and-nourish/

You can also have the choice of coming on a1 to 1  5 day residential SoulBodyDetox in the Uk  with the addition of kambo, and/or iridology. Click here for more details

You can also join the SoulBodyDetox Retreat abroad held in the Monte Mariposa Retreat centre in the Algarve. This is a 7 day liver cleanse with shamanic healing and kambo and much more. Click here for more info

You can also join a weekend retreat in Wales in March 2020 – Awakening the senses Please click here for more information


We are body, mind, and spirit.

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Image taken at Bristol Botanical Gardens by Stardustphotography.uk