Kambo Ceremony/Retreat Prices

1-1 Kambo sessions

Kambo Ceremony

All the Kambo sticks are sourced from non-farmed Kambo frogs! This means there is no cruelty involved and the sticks are more expensive. When the sticks are sourced from stressed farm frogs this energy is transferred to the person.

The initial Kambo method usually involves the gentle gradual build up, and then, eventually, the traditional method can be utilized after the Kambo tolerance has been experienced.  The gradual build-up method takes longer. This prevents any unwanted negative reactions. Sometimes the approach of applying Kambo is ‘less is more‘. You can learn more on the treatment page of what is involved during the treatment.

Please read the Kambo contra-indication and preparation pages.


Kambo Ceremony Prices

1st time 1-2-1 Kambo £75

Follow up 1-2-1 sessions are –  £65


Pay for your Kambo ceremony here:

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Image taken at Bristol Botanical Gardens by Stardustphotography.uk