How Often

Trusting and surrendering to the Kambo helps the transformation take place.

It is best to have a chat on the phone with Susan about this as everybody’s health and body constitution is unique.

One treatment can be sufficient to achieve some desired effects of Kambo for some. Although it is recommended to use Kambo more often than once. This is because there is a layer by layer cleansing action during each treatment.

Kambo can be taken in the form of a Dieta for several days in a rowThis is extremely helpful in certain health conditions or addictions. It can also be applied once a week, twice a month or for a new moon. This allows the Kambo to go deeper and the person to reconnect to the previous Kambo session with more of a flow. In these short-term intervals, the dosage is normally increased as the person builds up a tolerance.

When there are longer intervals between each Kambo session it is recommended to start again with a smaller dose.