Kambo has intelligence and knows where to go in the body

Effects of Kambo

After the Kambo is applied to the skin and it goes straight into the lymphatic system and from there into the bloodstream. The effects of the Kambo take place within a short time of around 1-2 minutes and the effects differ for each person.

There are quite a few symptoms that one may experience but generally, these are the symptoms to be experienced as soon as the Kambo reaches the bloodstream:

Firstly, the blood flushes to the head  – the person will feel heat in their head and the rest of the body and these areas turn red, and you look like you have a suntan

Then there is an increase in heartbeat

Followed by nausea and purging

This may be accompanied by emptying of the bowels

Swellings may occur in the neck and facial areas, and may vary from person to person in intensity. Usually, they subside fairly quickly

The person may cough catarrh, or sweat profusely, both are the body’s way of releasing toxins

Other symptoms like chills, cramping, dizziness, numbness with pins and needles and physical weakness may occur too

Emotional blockages can be released with crying and other sounds

It really does vary from person to person and from session to session

The intense symptoms and effects of the Kambo session usually last from 15-30 minutes

Kambo has intelligence and it knows exactly where to go. Trusting each session with the process of Kambo is helpful, as each session varies from person to person and from session to session depending on the what the Kambo needs to release on the physical and spiritual levels.

After the Kambo treatment, most people experience serenity, an increase in awareness and clarity, wellbeing and energy levels.  These changes can take place over a few days, or a couple of weeks or longer.
On an emotional level, a person may find they need time to integrate all that has been released especially after consecutive treatments.

Side effects of Kambo

The side effects of Kambo are rare when receiving Kambo from a well trained Kambo practitioner.  However, sometimes the immune system can take a while to catch up if there have been serious health issues. So a person may find that it could take a few days to feel the benefits due to the deep cleansing that has taken place.

The Kambo Kiss

Being kissed by the Kambo is also considered a connection to the spirit of this tree frog. Frog face is when the face can swell during the session of the Kambo. When you connect to the spirit of the frog this swelling is seen as a process of coming through or transformation. It could be due to releasing stuck painful emotions or physiological healing taking place.


Trusting the Kambo and surrendering to the process helps the transformation take place.