Advice and preparation

Kambo works best on an empty stomach

What to bring to a ceremony

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and a short sleeved top

A blanket or a shawl to keep you warm

Diabetics need to have insulin and appropriate food

A menstruating woman needs to be aware flow will increase for up to 3 days after treatment, so bring appropriate supplies

Please bring up to 3 liters of fresh and warmed spring water to drink for the ceremony. Cold water chills the liver

Preparation before ceremony

 Kambo is best on an empty stomach so it is best to avoid eating solid heavy food for at 12 hours before your session. Also avoid processed sugar, deep fried and spicy food, red meat, and cheese

It is advisable not to drink alcohol or consume substances for 24 to 48 hrs before or after the treatment Except in the case of addiction

Eat easy to digest light food. You will find your experience more productive and cleansing will go deeper