About Susan

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~ Lao Tzu

Training in Kambo

Susan trained with Kambo with Giovanni Lattanzi, and then went on to deepen her experience in 2018 with further self-exploration, including the Dieta with Kambo Naturista in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.She is now a member of Kambo Naturista practitioners. It was during the 3 weeks in the Peruvian jungle that Susan let go of PTSD symptoms held within the body. The time spent with the Kambo trainee  group was humbling and profound. Everyone in the group let go of deep rooted emotions on so many levels. This 3-week experience in the Peruvian Amazon was life-changing.

Kambo is a cross between science and magick.

First Kambo experience

The first encounter with Kambo before going to the Brazilian Amazon jungle, was  a powerful one. During this Kambo session, Susan had decided to focus her intention, on giving up her addiction to raw chocolate as this was too stimulating for the adrenals.
During the purging, she had heard a ‘dunk’ noise in the bucket. It was when she cleaned out the bucket she found a tiny grey pebble the size of her pinky nail. This was the sound of the dunking noise she had heard whilst purging. Was there was a transformation of energy during the purge?


Journey into the Brazilian Amazon

Susan also journeyed into the Brazilian Amazon in 2014 and got to spend self-exploration time with the Huni Kuin tribe practicing the well know plant medicine called Ayuhasca, and fresh raw Kambo. Much gratitude, as this adventure and experience was printed in the March 2018 edition of the Sacred Hoop magazine.
You can read more here about this journey.

Susan’s  background

Was in medicine, Podiatry, and then followed the holistic medicine path training in Iridology, naturopathy, and nutrition. This change of direction was all due to her poor health. A complete lifestyle change took place in many ways including a change of diet. This helped to reduce many symptoms that Susan had previously encountered